Support Positive Mental Health in the Roanoke Valley!

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Make a Difference in Our Community!

Since 1901, Family Service of Roanoke Valley has been brining hope to individuals and families in the Roanoke Valley by providing positive mental health programming.
We offer mental health counseling for all ages; quality preventative programs that incorporate service-learning for elementary, middle and high school students; healthy relationship groups for those with a history of using violence with their partners; life saving guardianship and conservatorship for adults; and personal affairs management that takes care of the finances for vulnerable adults - preventing homelessness.
Our Family Support Services includes a staff member with lived experience who helps individuals find the resources they need. Also, we have placed counselors in local housing neighborhoods which eliminates the barriers to having to find transportation to our office.

Simply put, we help individuals and families learn how to cope with mental health challenges by using their own strengths!
Please consider helping us to further our mission to help individuals and families as they journey toward lives of emotional wellness, healthy relationships and a future filled with hope.

When you donate to Family Service, you can be assured that your gift will be used wisely. For every dollar that we spend, 91 cents is used for program expenses.
Also, we continue to have Candid's (Guidestar's) Platinum Transparency Distinction and Charity Navigator's Four-Star Rating, which means that we added extensive information to our organization's profile. In addition to the basic contact and organizational information, we also included in-depth financial information, qualitative information about strategies, goals, and capabilities. We also added quantitative information about our progress and outcomes towards our mission that were required. It is most important to us to be transparent with you, our donor, so that you have accurate information needed to ensure that we are worthy of your valued gift.

For 123 years, Family Service of Roanoke Valley has helped countless
individuals and families when they needed it the most.
Thank YOU for making a difference in someone's life!

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