Join Kat and Jimmy in helping Family Service restore health and hope for individuals in the Roanoke Valley! image

Join Kat and Jimmy in helping Family Service restore health and hope for individuals in the Roanoke Valley!

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Help those who are suffering from mental health challenges in the Roanoke Valley

The Mission of Family Service of Roanoke Valley is to transform lives by healing trauma and restoring hope for families and individuals of all ages through mental health counseling, case management and life skills education. The organization began in 1901. As the pandemic continues, FSRV is helping new clients learn how to cope with the trauma and stress in addition to those that originally seeked our services. FSRV does so much fundraising because many clients are either under-insured or have no insurance at all.

Family Service of Roanoke Valley is asking us to rally our friends, family, and networks to support their work. By making a donation to our duo, you will help support more Family Service Counseling, Youth Development, Guardianship, and Personal Affairs Management services for the Roanoke Valley. This funding will go towards restoring health and hope in our community.

Please consider supporting our Celebrity Champion Duo and giving to Family Service of Roanoke Valley!
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Kat Pascal is one of the co-owners and founders of FarmBurguesa Restaurants with locations in Roanoke and Vinton. Kat is an experienced entrepreneur and community advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurant and facilities services industry. She is a graduate of Averett University and has volunteered for several other local nonprofits as well.

Jimmy Delgado is a self-made entrepreneur and savvy businessman, whose success starting and co-owning two different businesses in three established locations have cemented his place among as a trusted individual within the Roanoke community.

Born in New Jersey, Delgado grew up in Colombia for much of his upbringing. He later moved back to the United States and attended Patrick Henry High School in Roanoke, Virginia. Jimmy had to learn English while attending classes, and found himself working various jobs to get by. One of these jobs was cleaning commercial buildings for local businesses, an idea that would later turn into one of Jimmy’s own successful enterprises.

He met Kat Pascal, - his wife - while in college. The two shared a passion for entrepreneurship. By 2011, the two had started a cleaning service for corporate clients in the Roanoke area called Spotless Roanoke. By tapping into the demand for janitorial services in company buildings, the two slowly built a solid clientele. Now donning the name Spotless America, the business has over 30 employees and has retained many of the clients over the years.

Even with the success of Spotless America, Jimmy and Kat pursued their passion for food and restaurant ownership by leasing a Vinton space for a former beloved Mexican restaurant in Vinton. They converted the space into a burger restaurant, which opened in 2018 under the name Farmburguesa. The restaurant is predicated on the farm-to-plate concept, where each menu item contains locally-sourced ingredients from local farms and vendors. On top of this sustainable business model, Farmburguesa found success in its deliciously creative burgers and comfortable atmosphere. In 2019, Delgado and Pascal opened another Farmburguesa location in Roanoke - The Grandin Village, where they received a similarly positive reception.

Outside of his two businesses, Jimmy regularly engages in community activities centered around helping other local businesses find their footing and thrive. He and his wife created Nuestro Comercio Latino, an online space for Latino business owners and workers in the Roanoke area to network with one another or share employment opportunities. Aside from NCL, Jimmy is a regular volunteer with the Advancement Foundation, a nonprofit that hosts various entrepreneurial programs and events and most recently a board member for Williamson Road Business Association.

Jimmy’s demonstrated ability to run a successful business is supplemented by his willingness to help other professionals achieve similar goals, making him a fantastic resource for delicious burgers and useful business advice.