Join Madison Madden and Tay Whiteside in helping Family Service restore health and hope for individuals in the Roanoke Valley! image

Join Madison Madden and Tay Whiteside in helping Family Service restore health and hope for individuals in the Roanoke Valley!

Please consider making a donation to help us reach our fundraising goals as Celebrity Champions!

$1,745 raised

$2,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Help us help those who are suffering from mental health challenges in the Roanoke Valley

The Mission of Family Service of Roanoke Valley is to transform lives by healing trauma and restoring hope for families and individuals of all ages through mental health counseling, case management and life skills education. The organization began in 1901. Currently, COVID-19 presents the organization's clients with new sources of trauma and stress, in addition to those that originally prompted them to seek our services. FSRV does so much fundraising because many clients are either under-insured or have no insurance at all.

Family Service of Roanoke Valley is asking us to rally our friends, family, and networks to support their work. By making a donation to our duo, you will help support more Family Service Counseling, Youth Development, Guardianship, and Personal Affairs Management services for the Roanoke Valley. We are hoping to raise needed funding that is currently lacking due to the COVID-19 crisis. This funding will go towards restoring health and hope in our community.

Please consider supporting our Celebrity Champion Duo and giving to Family Service of Roanoke Valley!

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Madison Madden is the proud Founder and Owner of GlamHouse Day Spa, an award-winning spa and salon located in our Roanoke Valley. Madison first entered the beauty industry in 2002 as a signed model. She has worked with agencies in both Washington DC and Greensboro appearing in both local and national print campaigns. During her career, Madison also appeared in National
television ad campaigns. She later went on to win the title of Miss Roanoke where she was a “Top Five” finalist in both Miss
Virginia and Miss Virginia USA. Most recently, Madison was honored to be named on the top three Most Savvy Entrepreneur’s in the Roanoke Valley in the “Best of Roanoke” issue of The Roanoker Magazine. She was also named as part of the 2020 Class of 40 under 40.

Madison earned a B.A. in Communication with a double concentration in Marketing and Public Relations from Virginia Tech. She
continued her educational journey at Western Governor's University (WGU) where she received a Masters in Business
Administration. In addition to owning and managing her Day Spa, Madison has joined Blue Ridge PBS as a Host and Producer for Artistic Encounters.

An engineering student turned architectural salvager, Tay Whiteside grew up working at his dad’s business, Black Dog Salvage, right here in Roanoke, VA. There, he fell in love with architectural preservation and custom fabrication. After 12 years, he and his family found themselves on a reality TV show called Salvage Dawgs, which followed him, his dad Mike and the rest of the crew at Black Dog as they traveled the country saving architectural elements from abandoned buildings slated for demolition. After 8 years and 11 seasons of the show, Tay has gone on to found his own company, Lift Arc Studios LLC, which offers custom fabrication and media production services right in the heart of downtown Roanoke.